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Application Guide

Post by Moonlight on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:30 am

For all those who want to apply for a jutsu or Perk here is the simple layout I would like it to be

Cooldowns for Custom perks/jutsus will be as follows.

D ranks/T1 = 3 days
C rank/T2 = 7 days
B rank/T3 = 10 days
A rank/T4 = 15 days
S ranks = 30 days

Thread Title: [Character Name] - [Jutsu or perk Name]

BYOND Key: Your BYOND name!
Character Name: Your character's name!
Character Age: The age of your character!
Rank: Your characters letter grade! This will effect jutsu or perk creation!
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu Or Perk: You have one, right?
Jutsu or Perk Name: It's a name. For your jutsu or Perk
Intended Rank or Tier: B, C, T1, T2, etc.
Jutsu or Perk Description: A description of the jutsu or perk and what it does.
Perk Requirements: Put perks you need to have to make the jutsu or perk here!
Jutsu Icon: This needs to be 32x32.
Reference Material: References.


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