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Skill based Perks

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Sensory Apprentice : This person is able to sense the amount of mana people have to some small degree, They have to concentrate on it. (This person can sense the mana from people within 1 OOC tile naturally and 2 OOC tiles if they stop to concentrate)

Novice Sensory: This person has a higher degree of sensory, as they have trained it to become better and more defined as they can now more finely judge someone's amount of chakra. Though they can't really pinpoint if the mana is from one person or a group (3 OOC tiles naturally and 5 OOC tiles with concentration)

Sensory Adept This person is a trained sensor. The presence of mana around them is very familiar, and they can attach identities to individuals after becoming accustomed to their mana. They are able to finely gage the measure of one's mana, and can track from close to long ranges. ( 5 OOC tiles naturally and 10 Tiles with concentration)

Sensory Advanced: This person is completely attuned with the mana around them. They are so accustom to the flows of mana that they can detect even the slightest differences innately. With such heightened senses, they are able to differentiate between individuals caught in an illusion, and those not - and can track individuals for miles in any direction. ( 10 OOC tiles passive, 20 OOC tiles concentration)

Illusionist: An illusionist is one that can deftly manipulate their illusions to suit their needs. This person may alter any illusion they have, as long as it maintains only the effects of the original technique.

Magician: A magician is one that uses sleight of hand to lure unknowing suspects into their trickery. This allows an individual to conceal an illusion to a trigger based around their body.

Vanishment: The art of vanishing in plain sight, a trick known by many, but mastered by few. This allows an individual to conceal or alter themselves using an illusion, and alter any illusions they may have to include themselves. [T3] (Requires Strong Mind [T2])

Hopeless Visionary: This character is a big dreamer, and has the skill to turn their dreams into a weapon. They can empower genjutsu, and warp the effects of it. They can capture multiple people in the same genjutsu, and have them all experience it simultaneously, as if it were a group genjutsu. [T3] (Requires Strong Mind [T2])

Musician: This character is talented with a musical instrument, and can use their instrument to channel their chakra. This opens a range of new possibilities for them as they can base their techniques on their music, allowing them to use it as a trigger for their genjutsu. [T3] (Requires Strong Mind [T2])

Basic Sealing Technique: This person can seal and unseal basic items from a scroll with light Fuuinjutsu knowledge. [T1]

Novice: A novice to the Fuuinjutsu arts. Among others that have barely scratched the surface of the vast Fuuinjutsu arts, this individual appears to be quite skilled. They've diligently practiced the art for quite some time. This person may seal somewhat larger items than most are capable of - and may unseal these objects in motion. [T2]

Veteran: Many seek to reach this level in the art of Fuuinjutsu, though most do not. One has studied and honed their ability with this skill. Through rigorous and endless practicing, one could prove their veteran experience. They're able to utilize calligraphy like no man could as they're able to seal - encase energy based substances at a higher level. [T3]

Master: A master of the sealing arts. Most people don't even dream of Fuuinjutsu reaching such extents - as few manage to make it this far in a lifetime. This individual has reached the pinnacle of the vast art of Fuuinjutsu - one may say that there isn't a seal that they haven't mastered. They unseal and seal substances and objects instantly, which leaves others observing in awe. [T4]

Unique Perks:

Inked: A veteran of the art, this shinobi is capable of forming accurate seals on their skin and the skin of others. With this they are capable of placing seals on touch, or releasing seals that may be connected to the body. [T2/Requires T2 Fuuin]

Trap Apprentice: A rookie in the art of preparing traps, this person has diligently practiced the art of preparing Fuuinjutsu traps. However, with their current skill, they are only capable of forming basic traps with the aid of Fuuinjutsu and its glyphs. However, a creative individual may still find uses for even the simplest of traps. [T2/Requires T2 Fuuinjutsu]

Trap Expert: A master of trickery, this person appears to of practiced the art of Fuuinjutsu traps extensively. One would find it rather difficult to precept whatever advanced trap that this individual has prepared. They are capable of making even the most complex of traps with the aid of Fuuinjutsu and its glyphs. [T4/Requires Trap Apprentice]

Barrier Adept: This person is considerably skilled in Fuuinjutsu, and have branched out into a different sect of the extremely vast art. They are capable of conjuring medium-sized barriers with considerable time to prepare. [T2/Requires T3 Fuuinjutsu]

Barrier Master: Not many people make it far enough to acquire such skill in a practice. This individual has mastered the art of Barrier Ninjutsu with great practice. They show raw talent for the art, and have practically no problem summoning barriers whenever they see the need to, with little preparation what so ever. [T4/Requires Barrier Adept]

Juujinjutsu Trained: A masterful craft in the art of Fuuinjutsu. One unique individual manages to specialize in the inferior form of Juujinjutsu; a brand of cursed sealing. One may inflict special seals on an individual to demonstrate various unique effects. [T3/Requires T3 Fuuinjutsu]

Juujinjutsu Proficient: This individual seems to be magnificently skilled in the vast and extremely complex are of Fuuinjutsu, and now have extended off of basic Juujinjutsu practice and research to create even the most astounding of seals. These seals may have impressive effects. [T4/Requires T4 Fuuinjutsu/Admin Approval Needed]

Bijuu Conqueror: With extensive research and practice with Bijuu, this person knows all there is to know about the mighty Tailed Beasts. They're capable of manipulating Bijuu in practically any way that one could think of. They may even steal Bijuu from its host Jinchuuriki, or create Jinchuuriki by sealing a mighty beast into a person. [T4/Requires T4 Fuuinjutsu/Admin Approval Needed]

Elemental Training Level 1: This user is a rookie in their elemental training. They are capable of harnessing its nature, but suffer significant chakra loss. [T1]

Elemental Training Level 2: This individual is highly trained in utilizing their respective nature. They are capable of unleashing this element at full power, without significant chakra loss! [T2]

Elemental Training Level 3: This individual is a master of their elemental affinity. They are capable of unleashing every aspect of their nature, and with it come the dominancy of years of training. Their power is significantly increased, all extra chakra conversion null and void. [T4]

Unique Perks:

Dual Caster: An elementalist that has reached a significantly high proficiency is able to simultaneously cast two elemental techniques. [T3]
Amplifier: This individual is able to forcefully insert their chakra into their techniques, concentrating it and creating something even greater. Varying on the amount of chakra, they are able to increase specified attributes of a technique; size, amount and even shape. [T4]

Fan User
Fan Training: This individual is proficient with the use of fans. They are able to utilize fans to a high degree of skill, allowing them to even glide using it. (When gliding on the Fan, all speed perks are negated and +2 movement is added.) [T1]

Fluid Fan: With a fluid sweep of their fan, this individual is able to conjure up whirlwinds of varying intensity. They are dexterous, able to transition between fan-based techniques with ease, often within the same movement. [T2]

Amplification: This person is an adept at manipulating their fan. They are skilled in utilizing up to the third moon, and in doing so can amplify the potency of their wind-based attacks! [T3]

Sickle Winds: With extreme skill, this fan-nin is able to conjure up magnificent whirlwinds of destruction, summoned by the Sickle Weasel. These familiars are beacons of the fan, obeying those whom summon them for a brief period of time. [T4]

Puppeteer -Basic-: This individual is skilled with basic puppetry, able to deftly perform a minute amount of chakra strings from their fingertips. (This individual can only utilize one puppet at a time.) [T1]

Puppeteer -Adept-: As a trained puppeteer, this individual has advanced in their usage of chakra strings, and craftsmanship. They are able to conjure up chakra strings from their fingertips, and control basic objects. (This individual can only control three puppets at a time.) [T2]

Puppeteer -Advanced-: Veteran Puppeteers are highly skilled individuals. They are able to use advanced chakra strings with ease, and their craftsmanship is of high-grade. They are able to control medium and large objects, and can even conceal with strings invisibly. (This individual can only control six puppets at a time.) [T3]

Puppeteer -Master-: Masterful Puppetry is a reckoning come true. This individual is able to effortlessly use chakra strings as though second nature, even able to conceal these strings invisibly. Their craftsmanship is of highest grade, and they are able to control any object, even human beings with ease. (This individual can control ten puppets at a time.) [T4]

Unique Perks

Human Puppetry: This morbid and often named desecration is an extremely rare skill among puppeteers. This individual is able to manipulate and modify human bodies to their liking, forming them into weaponized puppets. They maintain all kekkei genkai, but lose all other abilities. [T4] (Need Admin Approval)

Weaponist: This individual is skilled in the usage of projectile weapons. They have increased speed, accuracy, and they can even add a deadly curve to their arc! [T1]

Trained Weaponist: This individual is a highly trained weaponist. As such, they are not to be under-estimated. Each projectile they throw is extremely precise. They are capable of quick drawing weapons, and even ricocheting off objects to hit their target - similar to Sasuke's Training regime! [T2]

Expert Weaponist: As an expertly trained weaponist, this person is nothing less than a crack shot. Their projectiles whizz through the air with an impossible degree of difficulty. Their aim is true, and their speed is unrivalled; nigh as fast as a bullet. They are capable of ricocheting weaponry off of others, and even bending the trajectory. [T4]

Unique Perks

Marksman: This individual is an expertly trained marksman. They are skilled in delivering long range hits with deadly accuracy and speed. Combined with Expert Weaponist, weapons may even home in on targets. [T3]

Elemental Weapons: This individual is skilled in the action of imbuing their TRAINED elemental affinities into objects. [T3]

Heavy Weapons Expert: Claymores, nodachi, spears. These individuals are strong enough, and capable enough to wield the heaviest of weapons, able to swing them with simple ease. [T3] (Serves as T2 in skill until B-)

Exotic Weapons Expert: This individual is skilled in the usage of exotic weaponry. This applies to all weaponry not found within Japanese culture, or mythos. [T3] (Serves as T2 in skill until B-)

Oriental Weapons Expert: This individual is capable of utilizing oriental weaponry to their fullest degree. They are highly trained in natively forged non-traditional weapons, such as Kama, Kusarigama, etc. [T3] (Functionally T2 in strength Until B- or higher. Timer Wise will always be treated as a T3.)

Polearm Fighter: With an agile leap, and a quick step; this individual is trained in the usage of polearms. They specialize in delivering long reaching blows to their enemies, through spears, halberds, and bo-staffs. [T3] (Functionally T2 in strength Until B- or higher. Timer Wise will always be treated as a T3)

Precise Needles: This individual is highly skilled in using needles in combat. They can immobilize joints, and have precise accuracy. [T3]

Wakizashi Mastery: Wakizashi are commonplace in a shinobi world, however, it takes a large degree of training to master them. This individual is highly trained in using them, and is capable of performing the most advanced fighting styles; such as reverse grip. [T3] (Functionally T2 in strength Until B- or higher. Timer Wise will always be treated as a T3)

Affluent Taijutsu: As an adept in taijutsu this individual is able to perform basic taijutsu stances and fighting styles as well as contend with them. [T1]

Trained Taijutsu: As a trained fighter, this individual can perform the most difficult fighting styles, and contend with the best. [T2]

Taijutsu Expert: As a veteran fighter, this individual has transcended normal fighters. Their bodies blur and they can maximize their damage in close combat. [T3]

Taijutsu Master: This individual is truly a master of close quarters combat. Such is their striking speed that their limbs no longer blur; in fact they may appear to vanish to lesser combatants. They have reached the pinnacle of Taijutsu. [T4]

Unique Perks

Boxer: Deftly trained, and not to be taken lightly, a boxer's punches pack more than a regular hit. Each blow from a boxer has unrivalled concussive force, a jarring blow with every hit. You Don't Want These Hands. [T2] (Requires Trained Taijutsu)

Kickboxer: A taijutsu style not used by many, this individual is a strong physical kickboxer. Each kick is a winding blow; they are quick on their feet, and faster to strike; able to trip up their opponents with ease. [T2] (Requires Trained Taijutsu)

Grappler: The grappler fights to force their opponent into a submissive hold. Once in, only the strongest can tear themselves free. [T2] (Requires Trained Taijutsu)

Kenjutsu Training -Basic-: This person is an initiate when it comes to the blade. They are able to perform basic fighting styles, and contend with simple swordplay. [T1]

Kenjutsu Training -Adept-: As a trained kenjutsu specialist, this individual can operate their sword as an extension of their arm. They are able to perform and contend with the more advanced styles of swordplay. [T2]

Kenjutsu Training -Advanced-: As a trained veteran of the blade, this individual can operate their sword as though it were an extension of their body. They can deflect incoming projectiles with ease, and are able to effortlessly perform the most advanced styles of swordplay. (This individual's slashes are a blur.) [T3]

Kenjutsu Training -Master-: This person's sword is an extension of their body. They are able to utilize the blade as though it were attached to their arm, enabling use of chakra rending strikes. They are so masterful that even projectiles can be struck out of the air with their blade. (This individual's strikes are nearly untraceable as their speed seems unmatched.) [T4]

Unique Perks

Akimbo: Wielding two weapons at once is a skill that takes a surprising amount of training. Without it, you will come just short of wounding yourself. This individual is able to dual wield weapons easily. [T2]

Iaido: A master of the iaido, this individual is skilled in unsheathing and resheathing their blade with expert guile. This enables them to use an immediate and lightning fast strike on an opponent in front of them. [T4]

Doctor: A skilled doctor is always a necessity. These individuals have an advanced understanding of the human anatomy and can diagnose, treat and perform basic operations. [T2]

Surgeon: As a skilled surgeon, this individual has a complete understanding of the human anatomy and can perform complex and difficult operations on their patients. [T3]

Geneticist: A geneticist is a rare find in the shinobi world. These individuals specialize themselves in the study of the human genome. This allows them to splice, alter and study DNA, provided they have enough of it. [T4] (Admin Approval)

Unique Perks

Herbalist: This individual is skilled at identifying and gathering herbs found in the wilderness. They are especially deft at brewing and concocting deadly remedies, and poisonous mixtures. [T2]

Healer: This individual is an amazing healer! They are capable of patching wounds up with incredible speed, using both less energy to do so, and providing a shorter recovery-time. If they exert themselves, this individual may even heal multiple people at once! [T3]

Pharmacist: A pharmacist is something not often thought of in the shinobi world, but it is almost a day-to-day occupation. This individual has the ability to create pills and other medical chemicals from herbs and botanical vegetables. Items such as soldier pills and morphine are made with simple ease.[T3] (Requires Doctor & Herbalist)

Lightfoot: A light foot is an art not taken great care of. This individual walks with discretionary ease. They are capable of muffling their footsteps, and even slow their breathing to make themselves almost invisible to the ear. [T2]

Shadowstep: Fade into darkness, the safety of the shadows. This individual is an incredibly skilled shinobi, capable of fading into the shadows, and becoming unseen. With enough skill, these ninja may even hide in plain sight, using their surroundings as a way to detract attention. [T2]

Parkour: No obstacle can keep this individual from getting to their destination. These men and women are highly flexible, able to vault, climb and manage over any blockade. They are masters of the urban landscape. [T3]

Concealer: An art all are aware of, but few skilled in. This is the art of concealing items, whether it be in plain sight, or hidden within the folds of clothing. This individual can do just that, able to activate hidden items, and launch deadly strikes against their target. [T2] (You cannot conceal large items.)

Assassin: A deadly assassin, a true terror in the dark. This individual is incredibly skilled in taking down their targets discretely. Able to maim, poison and even kill them before they are even aware. [T4] (Admin Approval Needed)

Unique Perks

Rhythm Echo: An assassination art, the Rhythm Echo is a motion that creates an afterimage of the body through a varying cadence of steps. There is a total absence of noise during the movement, and multiple phantoms appear. [T3] (Requires Lightfoot [T2] and Shadowstep [T2])

Body Flicker/Shushin
Flicker Practitioner: As a user familiar with the Body Flicker technique they are conditioned to some of the effects of its usage. They suffer from some tunnel-vision. In addition they suffer a light drain on their chakra reserves and a sizeable drain to their physical stamina. [T1] (With this perk, this person may move an additional four tiles with Shunshin.)

Flicker Adept: This person has trained extensively in the use of the Body Flicker technique. They are able to use the technique with some mild amount of physical strain and very little drain on their chakra reserves. [T2] (No Tunnel-Vision. +6 Tiles with Shushin)

Flicker Fighter: This individual can add up to an additional eight tiles to their overall movement speed. The use of this technique with this perk has no ill effects on the user whatsoever. [T4]

Clay Artist (Special/Approval Needed)
Clay Artist: This individual possesses a kinjutsu that allows them to freely manipulate clay into explosives. These creations are kneaded through various means around the body, and range in their construct by the amount of chakra used to create them and the skill of the user. [T1] (Without Dual Manipulation this person can only craft one explosive at a time.)

Dual Manipulation: With multiple manipulative "mouths" on their bodies, these individuals are able to simultaneously craft two explosives at once. [T2] (Unloggable)

Grand Sculptor: This person is a grand sculptor, their skills at creating works of art with clay are like no other. They are able to use small amounts of clay to create larger creatures, such as birds, which can be used as mounts. With their abilities, clay constructs can be brought to life. [T3] (Requires Clay Artist)

Manipulator (Special/Unloggable)
Basic (Insert element) Manipulation: This individual has a basic grasp of how to control and manipulate (Insert element) around them. This allows them to create basic shapes, and simple projectiles at relatively close range. [T2]

Trained Manipulation: As a trained manipulator of their (Insert element), this person is able to freely control any (Insert element) that is within in medium range. They can create more complicated shapes and in bigger sizes. [T3]

Master Manipulation: This individual displays masterful understanding of their field. It has developed to such a degree that they have long range capabilities, and are able to freely control any (Insert element) within the field. They are also extremely skilled in controlling and manipulating highly advanced shapes and figures. [T4]

Rookie Blacksmith: This individual is a rookie blacksmith. They are capable of crafting the most basic items using the minerals found throughout the world. [T1]

Veteran Blacksmith: This individual is a veteran blacksmith. They are skilled in crafting more advanced items using the minerals found throughout the world. [T2]

Master Blacksmith: This individual is a highly skilled and highly trained smith. They are capable of crafting the most difficult items, and even enchanting them with basic magical properties. [T4]

Unique Perks

Tailor: This character has taken some practice in creating materials that'll allow them to craft a various variety of clothing. [T1] [Requires T1 Blacksmith]

Engineer: This individual is an engineering specialist. They are skilled in crafting different sorts of mechanics that has a carious amount of usage. [T2] [Requires T2 Blacksmith]

Electronics: This individual is an electronics specialist. They are skilled in crafting different sorts of technology that has a various amount of usage. [T2] [Requires T2 Blacksmith]

Bladesman: The Samurai of the Iron Temple. A strong, but highly honorable order. This individual exemplifies their training regime, and is able to skillfully utilize chakra-blades. This allows them to both imbue chakra into the length of their blade, and launch it forwards for long-range attacks. [T2 Samurai Unique]

Descendant of the Dragon: The Legendary Order of the Dragon. A masterful ring of samurai that are above all others. They exemplify everything the Samurai stand for, and have mastered every technique. This individual is so highly skilled that they are able to utilize Dragon Style. For a split moment, this prevents any and all damage to the individual, as the form of a dragon takes over, similar to Susano'o of the Uchiha Clan. (Special/Samurai Unique)

Mist Expert: As an expert of fighting in poor conditions, this individual is able to fight within mist as though second-nature. It has no ill-effect to their sight, relying on their hearing and even smell to see them though. [T3]

Unique Perks

Hiramekarei Mastery: This individual is proficient in the use of the Hiramekarei. They can easily utilize its abilities; given enough chakra has been stored within it. [T3]

Kiba Mastery: This individual is proficient in the use of the Kiba Blades. With their skill, they can easily utilize their Raiton nature through the blades and perform the skills it offers. [T3] (Still Requires Akimbo)

Samehada Partial-Mastery: This person has formed a parasitic link with the Samehada. It enjoys feeding on their chakra and with its power, the user can utilize chakra they have absorbed to heal lesser injuries. They are also no longer affected by the drain of chakra the Samehada takes from them. [T3]

Samehada Mastery: This individual is able to fully utilize their parasitic link with the Samehada and take it a step farther! They are able to fully transform with the blade to form a bond between the two. This also allows the user to gain some abilities from the sword itself. [T4] (+2 Sensory and gain Chakra Absorption when Transformed)

Intelligent Familiar: This familiar is highly intelligent, grasping at the fundamentals of human speech, and communication. They are even capable of ground-level logic and problem solving. [T2]


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