Perk and Jutsu breakdown

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Perk and Jutsu breakdown

Post by Moonlight on Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:54 am

This is where I guess I will go over the core perks, these perks will help you play through the game and become stronger. Certain perks require others to get though in the end it all boils down to determination. If you want a perk, Go for it.

Breaking down perks into progression.

D/T1 = 3 Days
C/T2 = 5 Days
B/T3 = 8 Days
A/T4 = 12 Days
S = Approval

As you progress through your letter ranking you will find it that you can only go so high before you hit a "Cap" The caps will also be regulated due to your letter ranking. ****Note this may change in the future due to balance somethings****

C- or lower rank can only have up to two T2 Perk and only learn up to 1 B rank jutsu
C to B- rank can learn up to one T3 and have up to three T2s and can also learn up to three B rank jutsu
B to A- rank can learn up to one T4 perk, and have two T3 perks. Jutsus they can learn one A rank jutsu,
A or higher don't have regulations.

Progression through the ranks will be influenced by your logs, how active you are, and events.


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